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Mark Timms, Robert Howie and Evan White PR are scammers. MyBowlAd LLC is a fraud

24 - Mark Timms has a new scam

Posted by Smartie on May 24, 2009

Mark Timms is at it again. This time his new scam site is a hate site. That’s right, Mark Timms, who claims to be a “good Christian” in the press release he wrote about the site, is full of hate. He hates gay people:


United States of America (Press Release) May 18, 2009 –

Greenwood, South Carolina May 18, 2009.

A new website, JimBobsList is designed to give craigslist a run for their money. JimBobsList is a clean, family friendly version of craigslist and does not have escorts, casual encounters, only has personals for heterosexuals and has extra categories such as church events.

JimBobsList was created by Mark Timms, a thirty one year old “good ole boy” from Soiuth Carolina. JimBobsList was created on the heals of South Carolina attorney general’s office decision to sue craigslist for allowing prostitute solicitation on the site.
source: FPR

JimBob’sList is listed by every county in every state instead of areas, allowing everyone an access to an online classified page, unlike craigslist which only has areas for cities.

Mark Timms does not make one red cent from the site and feels a strong obligation to offer a clean alternative to the unethical craigslist. Timms came up with the idea after discovering how many crimes had been commited related to craigslist over the years, most recently a murder by Phillip Markoff also known as the craigslist killer.

Mark Timms can be contacted anytime during business hours at 864.377.1882 or by email at

And another article on this hate site:

Craigslist? No, Jim Bob’s List.
Online Marketplace Takes Rural, Clean Approach

GREENWOOD, S.C. — An Upstate man is hoping to give Craigslist a run for its money, though he insists it’s not about the money.

“I’m out there to make a clean, rural version of Craigslist,” said Mark Timms of Greenwood.

Timms said his website, JimBobsList, won’t have listings for things like escort services which have made Craigslist controversial.

“I’m a very moral person and it’s against my beliefs, period,” Timms said.

While JimBob’sList does feature a personals section, Timms said it’s for heterosexual couples only.

“Basically, I don’t have anything against homosexuality, but as far as supporting it on my site, I just can’t do it,” he said.

And unlike Craigslist, JimBob’sList features a section for church events and announcements.

“The church is a big part of the community, especially here in the Upstate. And I felt like they needed a place to put their events,” Timms said.

This week, Craigslist announced it will do away with its “erotic services” category. It will also screen any ads being placed in what will be called an “adult service” section before they are posted.

The decision comes a week after South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster accused Craigslist of featuring graphic pornography and ads for prostitution.

“If one goes on these sites and goes to the sections I mentioned, you’d be shocked and disgusted with what you see. It is nothing but filth,” McMaster said.

Timms said there will be nothing like that on JimBobsList which, like Craigslist, is free.

“The ultimate goal would be to have it replace Craigslist,” Timms said.

I would imagine Mark Timms is actually IMmoral, because he seems to have no qualms about ripping people off. This site is purely there to cash in on the recent PR given to Craigslist, so that he can (possibly) make money out of gullible advertisors. And to spread his hatred of gay people, and discrimination.

Of course Mark Timms will not make a red cent from this latest scam, because he’s incredibly bad at these things. In recent months he’s tried using Google’s free web pages to promote such idiotic schemes like Do It Yourself convert your car from gas to propane kits. Something which is illegal in several countries because of the risk involved.

Mark Timms still owes money. I doubt a man who turns to credit repair forums to berate his lawyer for being stupid, and cannot pay even a simple hospital bill, has any understand what ethics is.

Mark Timms is so unethical, he’s now creating ghost nicks in order to talk up this new scam online. He’s using several pseudonyms and pretending they are not himself.

So far he’s used “mainst” on

Mark Timms is pretending to be someone else

Oddly enough, that IP is from Mark Timm’s town of Greenville, SC!

He’s also using two nicks on Twitter, CDEvansJr and Mainststorage:

Mark Timms is pretending to be someone else

All to promote his hate site.

So, Mark, when are you going to grow up and start accepting responsibility for your actions? You knew, back when MyBowlAd was a twinkle in your eye, that you had no chance of raising the funds to cover the contest prize you promised, yet you continued to claim it would eventuate. You seem to have no shame when it comes to copyright laws, using footage, logos and music without permission, or other shonky get rich quick schemes. You like spamming constantly. And as for that hospital bill….

  1. CDEvansJr Said,

    I am CDEvansJr & I don’t even know Mark.
    Main st Storage is a bussiness selling utility trailers & storage buildings in Anderson,S.C. not Greenville.
    I am also not in Greenville.
    If you people don’t know what you are talking about STFU!
    I run ads on Jimbobslist & craigslist as cdevansjr & main st Storage.
    I do not know Mark or have anything to do with his web site other than posting ads there.

  2. Smartie Said,

    Mark, how on earth do you manage to make even one red cent, when you are this stupid?

    Guess what? I can see your IP. Like this:

    And where is that IP located?

    Perhaps you and all your multipersonalities need to get together and get your stories straight. Or your medication.

  3. CDEvansJr Said,

    Put what the hell you want to on here dumbass.
    I know this computer is setting at a storage bussiness on S.Main st. in Anderson,S.C. & I have ads on Marks site but I don’t know him.

  4. Smartie Said,

    This time you were using, Mark. Another SC IP, just outside of Greenville. How amusing. Please, continue to post your angry ravings here, it only strengthens my argument that you are incredibly stupid.

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